6/3/20  - Presenting Unsupervised-k-modal-styled-content-generation in Berkeley
4/3/20  - Won the WACV Doctoral Travel Grant
2/3/20  - Presenting Unsupervised-k-modal-styled-content-generation in Stanford
​12/10/19  - CrossNet accepted to WACV
​13/8/19  - DeepAge published in Signal Processing: Image Communication
3/3/19    - Accepted CVPR 2019 Oral - IM-Net for High Resolution Video Frame Interpolation

Unsupervised K-Modal Styled Content Generation

Omry Sendik, Dani Lischinski and Daniel Cohen-Or

DeepAge: Deep Learning of face-based age estimation

Omry Sendik, Yosi Keller

Signal Processing: Image Communication 78 (2019)

CrossNet: Latent Cross-Consistency for Unpaired Image Translation

Omry Sendik, Dani Lischinski and Daniel Cohen-Or

The IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV)

IM-Net for High Resolution Video Frame Interpolation

Tomer Peleg, Pablo Szekely, Doron Sabo and Omry Sendik

CVPR 2019

What's in a Face? Metric Learning for Face Characterization

Omry Sendik, Dani Lischinski and Daniel Cohen-Or

Euro Graphics 2019

Analyzing the ability to reconstruct the moisture field using commercial microwave network data

Deep Correlations for Texture synthesis

Omry Sendik and Daniel Cohen-Or

Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 2017

A New Approach to Precipitation Monitoring: A critical survey of existing technologies and challenges

Omry Sendik and Hagit Messer

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 2015

On the Reconstructability of Images Sampled by Random Line Projections

Omry Sendik and Hagit Messer

IEEE Conference. Israel, 2012

Cellular network infrastructure- the future of fog monitoring?

Noam David, Omry Sendik, Hagit Messer and Pinhas Alpert

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, December 2014

On the achievable coverage of rain field mapping using measurements from a given set of microwave links

Omry Sendik and Hagit Messer

IEEE Conference, Israel, 2014

A 90-nm CMOS Power Amplifier for 802.16e (WiMAX) Applications

Ofir Degani, Fabian Cossoy, Shay Shahaf, Emanuel Cohen, Vladimir Kravtsov, Omry Sendik, Debopriyo Chowdhury, Christopher D Hull and Shmuel Ravid

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 2010

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On the Coverage and Reconstructability of 2D Functions Sampled by Arbitrary Line Projections with an Application to Rain Field Mapping

M.Sc Thesis

Speech Enhancement Employing Discrete Modulation Transforms

Analytical Mechanics

A booklet in hebrew

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Method and system for matching stereo images

Content Aware Visual Image Pattern Matching

Detecting Periodic Patterns and Aperture Problems for Motion Eestimation

Methods for Determining Estimated Depth in an Image and Systems Thereof

Detection Device For Region Of Interest And Method Of Detecting Region Of Interest

Motion Estimation Device And Motion Estimation Method

Methods and Apparatuses for Rectifying Rolling Shutter Effects

Motion Vector Processing Device For Clustering Motion Vectors And Method Of Processing The Same

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